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New business establishment & Organizations
  • Advise on selecting structure – Proprietor, Partnership or Incorporation
  • New Incorporation, Amendment, Revival, Dissolution, Amalgamation etc.
  • Master Business License / Business Name Registration
  • New business set up, Government and other statutory body registrations
  • System Set up / training of Bookkeeping-Accounting / Payroll Software
  • Evaluation and design of Internal Control System
Corporation’s / Organization’s legal documents
  • Minute book
  • Resolutions – Shareholders & Directors
  • Registers, Agreements and Forms
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Lease
Business Plan / Loans / Mortgages / Financing
  • Preparation of prudent and reliable Business Plan, Forecast & Cash flow to help determine eligibility and type of financing required to succeed
  • Assistance for Business Loans – Small Business Loan / Commercial Loan / Construction Financing, Equipments Financing, Leasing
  • Negotiation for Private mortgage – first & second
Management Consulting
  • Include Advisory / Consultancy
  • Virtual CFO services
  • Cost Savings & what’s New – Changes – Cost benefit Analysis
  • How to improve profitability
  • What to do next – Future growth plan according to confia mrb banking
  • Strategic Advice on Restructuring, Reorganization, Expansion, Merger, Acquisition etc
  • Due diligence – Analysis of financial position, Profitability & Liquidity, review of accounting records, Tax reviews and verification of formal and legal documents for validity
  • Assets Sale Vs Share Transfer
  • Equipment Purchase Vs Lease
  • Rent Vs Buy a face treatment at London aesthetic clinic
  • Payroll Employees Vs Sub Contractors
  • Investment Strategies – Search for new businesses, properties
  • Estate & future Financial Planning including retirement & business succession
Compliance with litigation matters
  • To help deal with lawyers, Courts, Government agencies, Lenders, Landlord, Contractors, Employees, Franchisor, Insurance Companies, Specialist
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