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Accounting / Bookkeeping

AccTaxFin provides accurate and up to date financial records for your company enabling you to make wise decisions based on real data.

Payroll Services

Our team knows just what it takes to simplify the payroll process efficiently with cost effective way for our clients.


Regardless of your situation (Personal or Business), our team can work with you to create a strategy for lowering your tax liabilities and maximize your returns in legitimate manner.

Business Advisory

We provide not only services, but solutions. Starting from business establishments, financial planning, management consulting, compliance and more…

Need a personalized solution?

Our knowledge, experience, financial acumen, professionalism, commitment to excellence and resources can provide a unique kind of personalized support for success and growth of your business.

How we can help?

Empowering you to make sound financial decisions.

We offer full range of Accounting, Tax & Business Advisory services / solutions to successfully attain your business / financial goals.

  • Operating small / mid size business means spending time on things those are not core to your business success.
  • Outsourcing bookkeeping to us will save your valuable time and allow you to focus on business operations and ultimately help developing your business.
  • Accurate bookkeeping helps in timely preparation and filing of tax returns and payment of taxes avoiding costly interest / penalty.
  • Bookkeeping include recording of transactions for revenue, purchases & expenses     and assets & liabilities and preparation of the general ledger
  • Month to month and year to date analysis of detail revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities – Financial position
  • Key reconciliations, balancing of books – Review
  • Adjusting / finalization entries
  • Prepare & complete books for Financial Statements
  • Provide online and onsite bookkeeping services
  • Implementing and training of new bookkeeping software
  • Draft – for Review & discussion
  • Final Financial Statements – Annual for filing
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly for management purpose
  • No need of special software to install & operate – Saving money & time
  • Biweekly / Monthly / Multiple pay frequencies
  • User defined earnings, deductions and benefits with target
  • Calculation of hours from timecards / other reports
  • Computerized Pay Stubs – Statement of Earnings & Deduction
  • Computerized Cheque printing
  • Payroll Summary
  • Government Source Deductions & Remittances – CRA Remittances/ Forms
  • Future dated transactions
  • Record of Employment (ROE)
  • Holiday pay, Vacation pay, Sick pay accruals / working
  • Standard and fully custom payroll reports
  • Employers Cost – Benefits Summary
  • Monthly Source Deductions & Remittances Summary
  • Periodical / Annual / Year to date Summary
  • Detailed Summary – Employee vise / Earnings vise / Category vise
  • Annual T4, T4A & T5 Summary, Forms & Filing
  • WSIB Summary, Forms & Filing
  • Employees Health Tax (EHT) Summary, Forms & Filing
  • Advisory board & Union Requirements / Compliance
  • Ministry of Labor Requirements / Compliance
  • Garnishment administration
  • Implementing and training of new payroll software
  • Corporation Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • T4/T4-A/ T5 Forms, Summary, Reconciliation & Adjustment
  • Tax Planning & strategy, Proactive advice
  • Minimize tax or Maximize refund within the boundaries of Tax Act
  • Tax Return preparation & EFiling – Personal, Corporations, Trusts
  • T1135-Foreign Income Verification Statement – Advise and EFiling
  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit
  • Non-Resident tax filing
  • Cross border taxation – Canada, USA & India
  • Working / Summary
  • Tax Returns (GST/HST/PST Forms)- Quarterly / Monthly/ Annual – Netfiling
  • GST/HST Rebate for New Residential Rental Property
  • Working / Summary
  • WSIB Returns (Forms) – Quarterly / Monthly & Annual Reconciliation – EFiling
  • Working / Summary
  • EHT Returns (Forms) – Monthly & Annual Reconciliation – EFiling
  • HST / PST / Tobacco / WSIB / EHT / Corporation Tax / Income Tax etc
  • Compliance per auditor’s requirements, assistance during tax audit
  • Tax payer representation with tax authorities
  • Tax payer Relief – Interest and Penalty
  • Filing of Objections / Appeals
  • Assistance to lawyers in Tax Court of Canada
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Advise on selecting structure – Proprietor, Partnership or Incorporation
  • New Incorporation, Amendment, Revival, Dissolution, Amalgamation etc.
  • Master Business License / Business Name Registration
  • New business set up, Government and other statutory body registrations
  • System Set up / training of Bookkeeping-Accounting / Payroll Software
  • Evaluation and design of Internal Control Systems
  • Minute book
  • Resolutions – Shareholders & Directors
  • Registers, Agreements and Forms
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Lease
  • Preparation of prudent and reliable Business Plan, Forecast & Cash flow to help determine eligibility and type of financing required to succeed
  • Assistance for Business Loans – Small Business Loan / Commercial Loan / Construction Financing, Equipments Financing, Leasing
  • Negotiation for Private mortgage – first & second
  • Include Advisory / Consultancy
  • Virtual CFO services
  • Cost Savings & what’s New – Changes – Cost benefit Analysis
  • How to improve profitability
  • What to do next – Future growth plan
  • Strategic Advice on Restructuring, Reorganization, Expansion, Merger, Acquisition etc
  • Due diligence – Analysis of financial position, Profitability & Liquidity, review of accounting records, Tax reviews and verification of formal and legal documents for validity
  • Assets Sale Vs Share Transfer
  • Equipment Purchase Vs Lease
  • Rent Vs Buy
  • Payroll Employees Vs Sub Contractors
  • Investment Strategies – Search for new businesses, properties
  • Estate & future Financial Planning including retirement & business succession
  • To help deal with lawyers, Courts, Government agencies, Lenders, Landlord, Contractors, Employees, Franchisor, Insurance Companies, Specialist

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Sachita Patel
Sachita Patel
I have known Shashibhai for very long time. He is very professional and always answer any question related to my corporation tax or my personal Tax. I would definitely recommend his services.
Chaitanya Patel
Chaitanya Patel
Acctaxfin has been doing my appraisal business accounts for last couple of years. Very professional and reliable service. Prompt response and valuable inputs. In depth knowledge about canadian taxation laws.
Mumbai Express
Mumbai Express
Very professional and responsive accounting and payroll services provided by AccTaxFin. The whole team is very good and led very well personally by Shashibhai. We are happy to be associated with them and recommend for accounting, tax and payroll services.
Harpreet Ghotra
Harpreet Ghotra
Shashi Patel and his team look after accounting and taxes of my Medical Professional Corporation diligently. Shashi has always provided thoughtful and well informed advise tailored to our unique financial situation. We value his efficiency, professionalism and commitment to help clients to the best of his ability.
Shashi & Acctaxfin were introduced by one of our accountant friends (who is not in public practice) when we acquired Gas station business in 2019. Shashi is very informative and friendly and helped us for business set up, due diligence, arranging financing etc. with professionalism and almost focus on client satisfaction. Thanks Shashi.
harshil patel
harshil patel
Mr Shashi is is an outstanding accountant for our pharmacy corporation. I have known Shashi over 10 years for all my personal tax and corporation tax. Also he is excellent in any Business accounting as well. His advise and services are excellent and very prompt to answer any question regarding taxation or any other financial advice in very confidential manner. I am positive to recommend his services to anyone.
Mister Convenience
Mister Convenience
we are pleased to share that Shashi/Acctaxfin is accountant for our business affairs and personal taxes since 2014 and is very competent, reliable, trustworthy and transparent. Always handy, just one call/text away.
Balmy Beach Pet Hospital
Balmy Beach Pet Hospital
We have been using AccTaxFin Services for all our veterinary business accounting needs (Payroll , taxes , finances etc.) since few years. Shashi and his team are phenomenal and promptly responsive. They provide year round financial and tax planning services with strong attention to detail. That's what you need for your business. We strongly recommend them -you won't be disappointed.
Sanjay Ray
Sanjay Ray
We come in contact with Shashi through seller of a motel located north of Barrie, ON some five years back in order to prepare a business loan application including business plan. We are highly impressed by Shashi's incredibly delinquent professional services, we appointed AccTaxFin for our corporate and personal accounting and Tax files replacing our erstwhile accountant and are extremely satisfied with services.
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet
We know Shashi and his professional wisdom since long as he used to be our CA for our businesses back home. And hence after migrating when we bought our first business in Canada in 2006 we selected him as our accountant- rather personal advisor so far as financial, investments and tax matters are concern and are never disappointed. We never felt stress of any issue and learnt a lot from his exceptional professional services at reasonable price

Efficient, friendly and easily accessible. Easy to get hold off anytime. Lucky to have Shashi & team as our business accountant

Dilip Patel, Franchise Location Owner

I came in contact with Shashi while inspecting his own home about 6 years back. I was so impressed with his financial acumen that I moved our corporate and personal accounting and tax filing services to the ACCTAXFIN team, from a CPA who handled it for years before. Shashi himself is very thorough and handles all of our accounting and tax issues in a competent manner, answering any questions I have promptly.

James Watters